40 ways to be confident

Things you can to do to build your confidence,

  1. Smile
  2. Be grateful
  3. Groom yourself
  4. Dress nicely
  5. Speak slowly
  6. Stand tall
  7. Make eye contact
  8. Talk to strangers
  9. Accept compliments
  10. Expect success
  11. Take risks
  12. Slow down
  13. Focus on solutions
  14. Act positive
  15. Kill negative thoughts
  16. Get active/exercise
  17. Change a small habit
  18. Photo shop yourself
  19. Get to know yourself
  20. Do something you’ve been procrastinatingYou are capable of.png
  21. Think positive thoughts
  22. Set small goals & achieve them
  23. Recognise your talents & good qualities
  24. Work on small things
  25. Be kind & generous
  26. Prepare yourself
  27. Empower yourself with knowledge
  28. Empower others
  29. Know your principles & live by them
  30. Hire a coach
  31. Work on your mindset
  32. Clear your desk/work space
  33. Increase competence
  34. Use crystal/reiki healing
  35. Think of obstacles that stand in your way
  36. See self-confidence as progress
  37. Get out of your own head
  38. Imagine the most confident you
  39. Stop doubting yourself
  40. Stop comparing yourself





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