Your past does not define your future

Only YOU hold the pen to write your future, you’re the only person that can decide where you go from here.

The things that have happened in your past do not define what will happen in your future.

If you had a bad day yesterday, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a bad day today, or even if you’ve had a bad week, that doesn’t mean that the next week is going to be a bad one.

Don’t dwell on the bad things from the past, concentrate on making your future great, learning from your past & changing the bad experiences for great ones.

your past does not define your future (1).png,

If you had a crappy childhood that doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to having a crappy life, it doesn’t mean you’ve only got one option & it sure as hell doesn’t mean that you would give your own children a crappy childhood.

But if that is what you keep telling yourself, that is what will end up happening because that is what you will end up manifesting.

STOP letting your past & what other people have caused to happen in your life, decide whats going to happen in your future. Only you are in control & can decide where your future will take you.

Hold your head high, keep looking forwards, because that is the only way your life is going. There is no point of being held back by whats in the past, take the opportunity to re-write your life.





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