Ask to be criticised

Why should you ask to be criticised? To have that belief that everything you do is absolutely perfect destroyed…? NO!

Criticism should be taken seriously, but not personally.

It is not a bad thing, it all depends on how you receive it, do you respond in a negative way & decide that the person criticising you is completely out of order, wrong & everything they say is complete rubbish…? 

Or do you respond in a positive way, take on-board what the person is saying, thank them for their feedback & take another look at how you could improve on things?

It can be quite hard to respond in a positive way when you’ve worked really hard on something, put in so much effort & in your eyes it’s perfect, then someone picks fault with it. 

But, that is the point, ‘in your eyes it is perfect’, everyone sees things in a different way & the person criticising you, is only giving you feedback from their own perspective, you are different people so you’re going to see things in a different way. 

Having them criticise your work is actually a brilliant thing & will only help you in the long run, because things that you didn’t see or think of yourself before are now going to be pointed out to you that you would of never thought of by yourself. 


So when someone has something to say about something you’ve worked really hard on, don’t respond in a negative way, just say thank-you for your honest feedback, if the criticism is constructive, take positive action & make the necessary changes.

If the criticism is not constructive, again, thank them for their honest feedback & just move on, there is no need to respond to them in a negative way, because criticism should not be taken personally.

I have recently asked people to criticise my blog & I’m really glad I did, as I have made lots of changes to blog as a whole & individual posts that I wouldn’t of thought of without someone else pointing them out to me.

Asking for the criticism also gave me the inspiration to write this post & we all know inspiration can come from the strangest of things. 

I didn’t get angry about what people had to say about my hard work, I took on-board everything that was said, took another look at my blog with the other people’s perspective & actually agreed with most of the comments made.

So by asking for their criticism, I have improved everything & I also know what I can do to keep on improving things in the future. 

I was never one for accepting people’s criticism on my work before, but as I’ve grown as a person & developed my mindset, I’ve come to realise it’s not all that bad, it’s only someone else’s opinion, one that you wouldn’t think of yourself because you’re not that person.




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