The ugly truths – blossoming bumps

It is so easy to lose confidence & self-esteem whilst you’re pregnant, even your sense of style because nothing fits & forget about having a sex drive, because the last thing you are feeling is sexy!

Your body is going through so many changes, some are visible. some aren’t, by the end of it, you’ll probably look in the mirror & not even recognise who you are anymore. 

Your feet, legs, even your face will be swollen to at least 5 times bigger than they were before you were pregnant.

There will be no escape from that huge beach ball of a belly, that just seems to get in the way of every situation & you can no longer even see your own feet, so say goodbye to painted toenails, unless you’re some kind of Olympic gymnast… but I think even they would struggle! 

Your boobs, well your pregnancy boobs are a bit of a bonus… as they are getting ready to fill up with that juicy milk for once you’re baby has arrived, they will be all nice & perky, for now…

You may even gain a few/a lot of stretch marks, varicose veins or even pigmentation of the skin, if you don’t, you’re one of the lucky bitches & you should probably keep a little bit quiet about that one… I was a lucky bitch the first time round, the second time, not so much! LOL!

Your mind also starts to tell you crazy things because of these little bastards called hormones, they are EVIL, the most evilest things to ever exist! They will tell you that things that don’t even matter are life or death situations!

Oh & the sickness, the glamorous sickness, they call it morning sickness… but really it should be all day sickness! Then they tell you it will only last throughout the first trimester, when actually it can come at anytime, any place & make you feel like you are never going to get your head out of the toilet. 

Then there is the after birth…

You still look like you’re 9 months pregnant, but yet you have this really weird empty feeling, like a part of you has just been taken away.

You’re still swollen & puff, your boobs will not stop growing & are now like two rock hard mountains on you’re chest that leak at the sound of any babies cries. 

You’re struggling to sit down in a comfortable position, especially if you’ve had stitches but keep getting told to relax…

The joys of having no periods for 9 months has well & truly caught up with you & you’re pretty sure you’re not going to have any blood left in your body soon. 

You’re knackered from the whole labor ordeal, let alone not being able to sleep in your own bed & being stuck on a ward full newborn babies.

You’re so emotional, if anyone was to even say ‘BOO’ you’d probably burst into uncontrollable crying but then have no idea why at the end of it. 

The ugly truth about pregnancy.png

My point is; your body has literally been possessed by this beautiful little creature, that you cannot even explain your love for, but you no longer feel like ‘you’, you have no idea who ‘YOU’ even are anymore… because it has been so long since you have been just ‘you’

Even after you’ve given birth & you’re feeling strangely empty… you’re still not just ‘you’ because of those little bastard things I mentioned earlier called hormones.

It is easy to lose all you’re confidence & self-esteem when you don’t even recognise yourself & remember who you were before you became ‘mum’.

The pregnancy adverts you see don’t help either, all the women have flawless skin, even their hair is immaculate without a strand out of place, which gives a completely false sense of hope that you’ll hit a stage where you feel amazing or ‘glowing’ as they say, instead of feeling completely sluggish & like you need to nap for 12 hours a day on top of your full nights sleep.

But how can you gain that confidence back?

It probably seems impossible to you right now, whether you’re pregnant or post pregnancy, but it is possible & I’m going to tell you how!

Firstly, you need to remember, you’re experiencing or have experienced one of life’s miracles, which unfortunately, not every women has the joys of experiencing. 

The changes your body has made are actually incredible, some of them may even be a little super human, be proud you’ve managed to do that!

Use some positive affirmations, they can be used to balance out the negative thoughts & give you a new mindset.

Keep doing the things you have always loved to do (providing they are safe for the baby).

Invest more time into your relationships that make you feel positive, whether that is with your partner, a friend or a family member, spend time with people that make you feel uplifted & positive. 

Stay focused on being healthy, exercising but having a good balance of rest & relaxation. 

Be self-nurturing & kind to yourself.

Do things that make your body feel good, have a warm bath, massage or facial.

Talk about your concerns & anxieties.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help.

Take other people’s pregnancy stories with a pinch of salt & remember everyone is different!

I hope that you’ve related to this post, had a little laugh & that you’re going to go away & do the things listed above.

Remember that you’re amazing & if you have any concerns then please turn to a fellow mummy, you’re not alone in this experience.





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