Celebrate your uniqueness

For the last month, maybe even longer, I’ve not been listening to my heart, I got completely lost on my journey & I was just doing what was expected of me, not what makes me happy & sets my soul on fire.

My day to day stuff had become a chore, I wasn’t enjoying anything anymore. I felt like I had been trapped in a box, restricted & suppressed. I felt like I couldn’t talk about certain things & share my opinion of different matters that affect us all, just in case someone took offence.

Since I’ve decided to take that leap & trust what my heart is telling me to do, I honestly feel free, like a huge weight has been lifted & I can do what I want to do without feeling like I’m letting anyone down.

#CelebrateYourUniqueness (1)

I’m finally able to fully focus on what I’m passionate about & what makes me happy, writing my blog, spreading love, light & happiness, making people feel comfortable with themselves.

Even my relationship has improved, I feel so much happier whereas before I was always stressed & my partner use to get the brunt of it, because we always take it out on the ones closest to us.

Moral of the story; when your heart is telling you something isn’t quite right, listen to it because it is telling you for a reason. You’ll be a lot happier if your soul is happy too & so will everyone else around you.




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