Why did it take so long?

I’ve wanted to become a blogger since I was in high school but I never thought I could do it, back whilst I was in high school I had very little confidence when it came to putting myself out there due to bullies & not wanting them to see it & be judged by everyone.

English was never my strongest subject either, I thought that I didn’t have the skill to blog because it is all about writing but really people just want to hear from a real person because it is easier to relate to the writer, they don’t care if it hasn’t been written like a pro.


I also didn’t think I had anything to write about because there is so many blogs already, but then I thought about it & everyone has got something to blog about because there is no limitations & as long as you are passionate about the subject that is all that matters, because no one will have the same perspective as you because you are individual & unique, that is what will make it different from all the other blogs out there. No one can write like you, because no one is you!

You shouldn’t doubt yourself & put things off, just take that leap of faith & go for it! You never know where it might take you & how many you’ll become.

Always live with no regrets!




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