Stop self-sabotaging

How to stop self-sabotaging;

Firstly you need to stop hating yourself & letting your thoughts sabotage your success, you need to think that you are worthy of what it is you want to achieve, if you have any doubt about it you are almost guaranteeing yourself to self-sabotage, viewing yourself negatively is destructive & should never be done.

Get out of your comfort zone, it may be easier to stay in your comfort zone but you’ll never get to where you want to be, if you do something that takes a lot of courage, makes you feel uncomfortable & gives you butterflies in your stomach, then remember that you are one step closer to your goals. People tend to give themselves rules based on old defenses which mainly come from their childhoods, these defenses are believed to protect them but they can also dramatically limit & restrain people’s lives in the long run.ย 

Get out of your own way

Stop being scared, fear is normally the root of what holds anyone back, most people are scared of the unknown, scared of failure, scared of rejection (READ; Rejection) scared of proving haters right, but if you live like this you are your biggest hater. If you are always living in fear then you are not living at all.

Learn from your mistakes, have you ruined something for yourself in the past? Think about what happened, what did you do in that situation, why did you react that way, was there something bigger going on behind it all, what could you do differently if the same situation was to come around in the future?




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