Control your mind

How to control your mind;

  1. Make peace with it, you’re stuck with the mind you have so it’s better to get along rather than be at war with eachother, if you’re at war with your mind then you’re wasting precious energy you could be using to better yourself.
  2. Observe your own mind, know the enemy, spending time observing your mind is as important as exercise, you can do this through mindfulness or meditation. 
  3. Listen & acknowledge your mind like it is a person, show gratitude for the small things it does for you.

    The goal of meditating it not to control your mind but to stop letting it control you.png

  4. Your thoughts are just your thoughts, just because you think them does not make them reality & you do not have to accept them how they are, you are more than capable of changing them for the better.
  5. Practice self-compassion, when you make judgement on your feelings you lose touch with the benefits of those feelings, rather than critising yourself you can learn how to support yourself in different situations.
  6. Retrain your mind & rewire your brain, we become what we think repeatedly so change what you think of yourself repeatedly & you’ll soon see yourself that way constantly.

Always treat your mind kindly & it will repay you with a lifetime of loyalty.

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