What we forget about Christmas

What we forget about Christmas…

Christmas can be such a joyful time for many people but it is also a time when anxiety & depression can reach their peak.

Depression because you may not be able to spend the day with a loved one or you haven’t got anyone to spend the day with.

Depression because you don’t think you can give your kids the perfect day you desire.

Depression because money is tight.

Depression because you’re seeing what loads of other people are doing & you don’t believe your day is going to be anywhere near as perfect.

Anxiety because you’re worried about the day being special.

Anxiety because you’re panicking over the little things.

Anxiety that no one will like what you’ve brought them as a gift.

Anxiety because you’re worrying about forgetting something.


So I’m here to remind you that Christmas isn’t about having the perfect day, it isn’t about the presents, or worrying about money & it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, that’s their Christmas, not yours.

Christmas is about being with each other, being in the presence of the people you care about, friends or family.

If you’re reason for being down is because you are missing a loved one this Christmas, remind yourself that they would still want you to enjoy your day as much as you would of with them around, use the day to celebrate their lives & be grateful for all the time you had with them in the previous years.

Or maybe you feel like you don’t have anyone to spend the day with? Reach out to a friend, tell them how you feel, any good friend will invite you over for the day so you’re not alone.

Or if you know someone that is going to be alone for the day, invite them over before they have to say anything themselves, some people won’t say anything at all & will keep their feelings to themselves.

Remember that this time of year isn’t always joyful for everyone, mental illnesses can peak, people reflect back on what is no longer, but together we can all enjoy it & have a wonderful end to the year.

Be kind & love each other.




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