Hi! My name is Hannah, I am a Confidence Coach & blogger, I love to make a difference to people’s lives & what bigger difference could you make than making someone feel good about themselves.

So here is a bit about me…

I was born in 1994, I have lived in Dorset my entire life & would LOVE to carry on living here as it is so peaceful. I am a mum of two young children, Dexter & Skylah, they are very close & there is only 12 months & 3 weeks age gap between them. As well as being a Confidence Coach, Blogger & Mum, I am also a Housewife so life is extremely busy, but I love it!

I adore the colour purple, you should see my house! I also love crystals, unicorns, mermaid (before they were a massive trend), fairies & anything with a hippy vibe.

I am fully committed to making everyone in the world a more confident person & love themselves for who they are. I have developed some online course to help with this process & all profits are going towards funding my dream of opening a confidence rehab resort.

It is lovely to meet you & I hope that you enjoy my page, if you would like to connect with me further please feel free to add/follow me on Facebook or email me at wenndy@wenndy-loveyourself.com.

Remember to #LoveYourself & #CelebrateYourUniqueness!